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Whether you're putting together a wedding outfit or trying to decide on your race day accessories for 2015, taking your face shape into consideration when choosing a hat can help you maintain a look that's as well-balanced as it is stylish.


Everybody's face is different, but most fit into one of seven shapes, each of which can be accessorised to highlight your best features.

How do I determine my Best Features (Face Shape)?

Your face shape is determined by the proportion of the different sections of your face, and there are two easy ways to measure these.




1. The middle of your forehead or at the widest point.

2. The top of your cheekbones.

3. Your jaw line at the widest point.

4. The tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.


Draw an outline of your face on a mirror:


With a make-up liner, place dots on the top of your hairline,

your temples, your jaw line and the bottom of your chin

to find your defining points.


Compare your results to the descriptions below to see which one best fits your face shape!

Long, narrow face with wide hairline and jaw, like a rectangle.

Face is longer than it is wide, with the forehead and jaw slightly narrower than the cheekbones.

Face is as wide as it is long and the widest part

is around your cheeks.

Narrow forehead and widest points at the jawline, with rounded chin.

Wide, flat hairline and jaw. Face is similar in width and length.

Wide, flat hairline and jaw. Face is

similar in width and length.

Wider at the top, tapering down, prominent cheekbones.

Hat colour and your complexion


You may have noticed which colours of clothing go well with your skin colour. The same rules apply also to choosing a hat or fascinator.


If you have fair complexion you will never go wrong with pastels and neutral colors.


Olive complexions on the contrary will look gorgeous with headwear in bold and bright colors – crimson red, emerald green, royal blue etc.


This does not mean that people with fair skin must not wear bright hats or people with darker complexion should not wear pastel colors.


If you feel like it, go for it!


Nothing suits you more than self-confidence!


Hats for mother of the bride and mother of the groom 


A golden rule of thumb applies to the hats worn by the mother of the bride and mother of the groom.


If the bride’s family is organizing the wedding, the mother of the groom should not wear a hat that is larger than the hat of the mother of the bride.


However, if the young couple themselves are the organizers, there are no restrictions, both mothers can opt for any size of head-wear.

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